Ten Excellent Reasons to Come to Blois

There are so many excellent reasons to visit the town. We are giving you 10, and it will be up to you to complete the list.


For its Château royal, the favorite residence of 7 kings and 10 queens of France, a concentrate of 4 epochs and 4 architectural styles. From April through September at nightfall, a prodigious Sound and Light Show using digital projection mapping illuminates the facades.


For its other major cultural and touristic facilities: the House of Magic, the one European site dedicated to the magic arts and to the creator of modern magic, Robert-Houdin; the Foundation of Doubt and its collection of contemporary art, a unique venue imagined by Ben and devoted to the Fluxus movement; the Comics House, space for creation and exhibition consecrated to the 9th art; the Museum…


For its remarkable gardens and natural heritage (rosery, bishopric garden, Victor-Hugo square, Foix terrace gardens, etc.)


To admire each year the new graphic dressing up of the Denis-Papin staircase.


For its architectural heritage and the old town (Town of art and history)


For strolls along the Loire, royal river, a UNESCO World Heritage Site


To enjoy some of the most agreeable riverside areas: Loire by bike.


For its festivals throughout the year (Rendez-vous de l’histoire, bd BOUM (comics), Mix’terres, etc.).


For its revamped center, its shops and craftsmen.


For its easy access by train (1h40 from Paris or by motorway (exit A10 or A85)

Complete the List

Share your ideas for other excellent reasons to visit Blois.