“b-Blois” products

Proud of its territory and the talents it brings to bear, the Town of Blois has launched its brand of local products, b-blois, in partnership with companies and local craftsmen.

Aperçu des produits b-Blois alimentaires

Proud of its territory and the talents it brings to bear, the town of Blois has launched its brand of local products, b-blois, in partnership with companies and local craftsmen.

Rather than proposing gadgets featuring the effigy of the town, the b-blois product range reflects local heritage and savoir-faire. It is addressed not only to tourists searching for beautiful souvenirs, but also to the citizens of Blois; b-blois is a means of supporting the local economy while concretely projecting the image of a qualitative, original and authentic Blois.

B-blois products are available in the gift shops of the royal château, the House of Magic and the Foundation of doubt. The complete range is detailed below.

Organic herbal infusions

The Town of Blois associates itself with the Saint-Gilles-de-Pontlevoy domain by proposing a series of organic infusions inspired by the plants formerly cultivated in the gardens of the royal château – and in the Loire valley, as well. Each flavor makes reference to an illustrious personage having had an impact on the history of the royal edifice:

  • Francis-I infusion: vervain lemongrass ;
  • Anne-of-Brittany infusion: flower mixture;
  • Catherine-de’-Medici infusion: lime;
  • Gaston, duke-of-Orléans infusion: rosemary, roses.

9.90 € the box

Craft beers

The Town of Blois associates itself with the Guillaume-de-Cour-Cheverny brasserie by proposing four beers with different and tasty colors and flavors, a reflection of the Blois cultural heritage. Each flavor makes reference to one of the town’s major touristic sites:

  • the Guise: royal château - blond (lager) beer;
  • the Potion: House of Magic – brown beer;
  • the Sans doute (no doubt): Foundation of doubt – amber beer
  • the Bulle (bubble): the comic strip house – seasonal beer

18 € the box, also sold at 4.50 € per unit


The Town associates itself with:

  • the Blois-based pastry/chocolate chef Stéphane Buret, who proposes succulent black chocolate with candied orange and chopped hazelnut;
  • the master chocolatier Max Vauché, who proposes dark chocolate with a unique and powerful taste.

4.75 € the tablet


The Town would like you to discover the wealth of the Blois terroir via one of its three characteristic wines with registered designations (AOCs).

  • Vendange Léonard-de-Vinci :
    • Cave de l’Auras, 2019, AOC,
    • Christelle et Christophe Badin, winegrower « L’Aubras », Cormeray,
    • 14 € the bottle.
  • Vendange Claude-de-France :
    • Domaine des Roy, 2018, Touraine-Sauvignon, AOC,
    • Organic wine, harvested by hand,
    • EARL (private limited farming company) Domaine des Roy, Pontlevoy,
    • 14 € the bottle
  • Vendange Henri-III, old vines :
    • Domaine de Rabelais, 2017, AOC,
    • EARM Chollet, vinegrower, Onzain,
    • 14 € the bottle.

Handmade umbrellas

The Town associates itself “La Maison des Parapluies” in Blois by proposing a series of singularly designed umbrellas.

In contrast to promotional umbrellas with limited shelf life, our totally handmade umbrellas, utilizing tissue specifically conceived for Blois, are delightfully original and unusually robust.

Foldable umbrella, Francis-I, Catherine-de’-Medici, Anne-of-Brittany series, 65 € unit price


The Town associates itself with the “Biscuiterie de Chambord de Maslives” by proposing delicious biscuits with local flavors:

  • Sologne “palets”: a traditional pure butter galette, slightly crumbled, truffled with dry raisins
  • Tatin-styled crumbles: a butter biscuit with apple and caramel nuggets.

4.50 € the box


The Town associates itself with Thierry Petit, apiarist, manufacturer, harvester from the village of Thésée la Romaine, by proposing a tasty and flavorful honey from the Sologne countryside:

  • creamed honey;
  • flower honey;
  • acacia honey.

7 € the jar

“Blois water” carafes

Because water is not merchandise, in 2016 the Town of Blois assumed drinking water management responsibilities. Along with the company Glass&co France, installed in Blois, the town proposes an elegantly designed, surprising, resolutely modern “Blois water” carafe to adorn your daily table.

25 € unit price