Blois connected

TheTown has been privileging digital development so as to facilitate daily life and professional training, to enhance territorial attractiveness and vitality, and in order to reinforce democracy and social cohesion, without underestimating the importance of human contact.

Digital technology in daily life

The town of Blois and Agglopolys have created several digital sites (in French) permitting administrative procedures to be carried out on line:

In addition to these websites, digital technology facilitates a wide range of tasks: validation of travel documents without paper ticket, remote water meter readings and home recharging of a parking timestamp, etc.

Digital technology at the service of education

Because digital technology can have a positive impact on learning methods, the town has adopted a “digital school” plan. It consists in equipping public elementary schools with latest-generation IT (information technology) equipment and access to broadband or high throughput sequencing. The town of Blois has provided all fourth and fifth grade classes (in French, CM1 and CM2) with interactive whiteboards and digital tablets. The plan also grants schools a credit to purchase software of recognized pedagogical interest.

The town of Blois thereby contributes to the reduction of inequalities by providing children with universal access to tools that will be instrumental in their future lives. From 2016 to 2020, the town has earmarked 1.2 million euros for the project.

Note: The Wi-Fi is activated only when the equipment is in use (automatic timer) and is totally absent from nursery schools. Device access is secured so to structure software use by schoolchildren.

Education on the visual image and sensitization to digital risks

Aware of the risks represented by overexposure to screens, overuse of digital technology and the multiplication of dubious sources of information, the Town of Blois organizes and supports workshops aimed at sensitizing children and their parents to these present-day dangers.

Time saved… for improved human relations

Public service must remain universal and accessible to one and all, including persons without access or unable to master digital tools. Thanks to digital technology, some town services have become less time-consuming, and the time saved can be devoted to human contact with the public.

Concretely speaking, workshops are regularly organized in community centers and homes favoring senior independence so as to afford an opportunity for persons who wish to better master digital tools. Devices are placed at the disposal of persons without internet access in the centers and homes, in libraries and in the main (Hôtel de Ville) and auxiliary Town offices.

Digital technology and territorial vitality

On the overall territorial scale, digital technology heightens the visibility of companies, stores and public events. In addition, tourists are afforded access to the websites of the main touristic attractions and can thereby obtain a multimedia overview of their sojourn. And once they have arrived in Blois, digital tablets such as the Château Histopad will render their visits even more memorable.

An expanding optical fiber network

The telecommunications company Orange is currently rolling out a fiber optic (very high-speed) network. It is already operational in several areas of Blois. You can check your eligibility on the Orange website (in French only).

Wi-fi networks in public space

Numerous public spaces in Blois are covered by a Wi-Fi network, enabling free internet access.

  • Château (forecourt and arched interior courtyard)
  • Foundation of doubt (Le Fluxus café)
  • Abbé-Grégoire library and auditorium
  • Maurice-Genevoix multimedia library
  • Large gymnasium of the Saint-Georges sports complex
  • Stade (stadium) des Allées (locker areas and meeting rooms)
  • Bishopric gardens
  • Jeu de Paume arena

Private places (shops, hotels, restaurants, etc.) can equally provide a wi-fi network covering supplementary needs.

Augmented and immersive virtual reality

With immersive virtual reality, tablet-based augmented reality and large interactive screens, Blois enhances the quality of your visits to the town’s major cultural sites.