Blois entreprising

Possessing a dynamic economic structure consisting in major companies and multiple small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Blois benefits from a labor pool with recognized skills and highly trained human resources. In addition, Blois boasts a privileged environment in the heart of the Loire valley, and can be considered as a town of opportunity for would-be enterprisers.

Land of innovation, in the 5th industrial region of France

Major names in economic activity are present in Blois, in diversified areas: aeronautics, agribusiness, automotive, insurance, cosmetics, metallurgy, pharmacy, business services, tourism, etc.

  • 1,000 hectares/2,500 acres of serviced business zones
  • 200 hectares/500 acres of projected business zones
  • 200,000 inhabitants in the Blois area
  • 4,200+ companies
  • 52,000+ jobs
  • 662 businesses in Blois
  • 70% of independent businesses in the town center
  • Highly affordable prices
  • High landscape quality
  • Services for employees
  • In the heart of a regional university pole with 40,000 students
  • 47 post-baccalaureate university pathways (university, technical IUT and BTS)
  • Bac +2 through Bac +8 degrees
  • Vocational training (CFA, AFPA)
  • Training in diversified fields of endeavor: communication and event planning, business development, law and management, environment and landscaping, hotels and restaurants, informatics and networks, health, social, technical and production
  • Assistance in the mobilization of specific funding
  • Tailored land and real estate solutions (semi-public companies in land use, at times with a patrimonial purpose)
  • Recruitment assistance (employment service)

For further information, consult the “commerce et artisanat” section (in French only)