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The Blois carnival is a large-scale people’s procession proceeding down the town streets in the month of March. Hustle and bustle characterize a once-a-year occasion applying make-up and disguises, while singing and dancing to celebrate the arrival of spring.

grands évènements culturels danse musique


Organized by: City of Blois

Festival of carnivals from throughout the world

Blois celebrates carnivals from throughout the world by inviting artists who, as the parade proceeds, render the carnival spirit all-embracing.

International, national and local companies place their talents at the service of street arts, parading side by side with recreation centers, associations and volunteers. A joyous procession enlivens the streets of Blois from the place du royal Château to the place de la République, with departure and arrival being marked with great fanfare. Each year, the esplanade of the old Halle aux Grains serves as theater for an original final spectacle.

Disguise yourself, choose your own make-up, sing, dance and – above all – participate!

The 2023 edition

A new adventure awaits the 2023 carnival. More interactive, it will invite you to get involved in the making of emblematic characters, which will be found every year:

  • Robert-Houdin, the magician;
  • Auguste Poulain, the chocolate man;
  • and Denis Papin, the steam man.

They will open the parade on Sunday, April 2nd, 2023 which will start from the south of the Loire to arrive at the Royal castle. At the bottom of the Denis-Papin staircase, an election of the best sidekick will take place. At the end, a grand ball will be given at the Royal castle, reserved for people in costume. Take part in the workshops led by the company Des Cousus or make your own costume on the theme "Get out of your bubble", in a nod to the 40th anniversary of bd BOUM! (Program of percussion workshops, singing, make-up, masks, costumes, etc. available soon here.)