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Mix’Terres festival (artists of the world)

Each year, the Mix’Terres festival in Blois brings together artists from throughout the world in a spirit of cultural and artistic mixing. Dance, music, modern circus and street art are on the program.

grands évènements culturels musique danse théâtre

Address:Maison de Bégon

Tarifs variables (payant ou gratuit selon les cas)

The 2019 edition

From Friday 17 May to Sunday 19 May 2019, the Mix’Terres festival was programmed for the 13th time. Following its move in 2018 to the Bégon house, this year it took up quarters around a tent at the Bel-air site.

As usual, the programming was eclectic and of high quality, with one-of-a-kind artists from throughout the world, including ManoAmano (Argentina), 47Soul (Palestine), Mokoomba (Zimbabwe) and Despelote Circus (Argentina).

Following their success last year in front of 2500 persons at the Jeu de Paume arena, the Wanted collective returned and presented the first stage of its new creation on the dramatic decline of bird populations. The theme served as an inspiration for the festival’s visual displays, which were brightened up by thousands of multicolored feathers. The local bird protection league (LPO, in French) actively pitched in during the traditional multidisciplinary pre-festival workshops.

Seven out of the fourteen spectacles were free. Thanks are due to the one hundred mobilized volunteers!

Consult the complete program on the Maison de Bégon website (in French only)

Aperçu de Mix’Terres 2019

Art de rue avec Despelote Circus (« Avez-vous souri », vendredi), cirque moderne avec la compagnie du Cirque exalté (« Furieuse tendresse », vendredi), jonglage percutant avec Les Passionnés du rêve (« Les Frères Colle », vendredi), musique afro-groove avec Mokoomba (vendredi), spectacle musical avec Wanted (samedi), fanfare avec ENR, Ensemble national de reggae (samedi), cirque mât-chinois avec Manoamano Circo (samedi et dimanche), musique soul avec Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions (samedi), musique, hommage à Pink Floyd par les élèves du conservatoire de Blois (dimanche), art de rue avec le collectif Bigbinôme (dimanche), cirque avec la compagnie Tempo (« Espace cabaret », dimanche), musique dabke électro avec 47Soul (dimanche)

A festival mixing the world’s cultures

Since 2007, the Mix’Terres festival has been bringing together close to 10,000 persons adhering to the motto “cultures of the world, world of cultures”. For three days each year, artists from throughout the world rub elbows with local and regional artists; there’s nothing quite like a change of scene! A similar spirit of curiosity, tolerance and cross-cultural mixing is exemplified all year long by the Bégon house. To favor diversity and commingling, close to half of the shows are free of charge.

Programming at the crossroads of the arts

Mix’Terres favors the cohabitation of different disciplines and showcases the performing arts: dance, music, modern circus and street art punctuate the festival and invite the audience to discover diversified esthetics and styles.

Unsung talents

Each year amateur artists from the region appear in parallel with the professional shows.

Expression and experimentation

Encounters and sharing are fostered and furthered by numerous goings-on: workshops, artistic challenges and dares, exhibitions, radio animation, etc. Organized in partnership with local associations, these activities are conducive to discovery of diverse forms of expression by means of experimentation and artistic awakening.

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