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Winter festival “Des Lyres d’hiver”

The “winter lyres” festival provides year-end illumination in Blois, with hundreds of magical attractions, many of them free, all over the town and its shops: ice skating rink, sleigh rides, spectacles and guided tours.

grands évènements culturels


At the end of the year, streets throughout Blois are shining brightly: holiday lighting. Every year, the format changes; in 2018, giant illuminated snowflakes on rue Denis-Papin. Every year, original tinsel is discovered during the spectacle inaugurating the winter festival.

Festival inauguration

The festival is launched with a grandiose spectacle wending its way through the center of Blois. Every year, there are different artists; in 2018, the Tybodypaont group and its spectacle titled “The Golden Coach” brought light to the eyes of spectators of all ages.

Ice skating rink

Winter lyres are also synonymous with ice; on the place de la République, a 900 m² skating rink is set up by the town and offers skaters a 40-meter-long ice road.

Toboggan run

Beside the skating rink, the town has installed a free, six-laneway toboggan run for children from 4 to 10 years of age.

Christmas shops

In 2019, variously themed pop-up shops financially supported by the town will open their doors in the center. They will be rendered readily accessible with the hour of free parking offered in the underground facilities. On Saturdays, two free hours will be proposed, with tickets to be procured in the partner shops.