Blois, a Town of Sustainable Transportation

Since individual automobile transport is a source of greenhouse gas, noise, and risk of severe accidents, Blois privileges “soft” transport and electric vehicles.

Placing a Bet on Soft Transport

Walking and cycling eliminate noise, preserve the air we breathe and improve our health through physical exercise. The living environment is peaceful, conviviality and vegetation are favored, and public space is enhanced.

Often speedier than automobiles, energy-saving means of transport are one of the effective responses to the urgency of global warming.

Pedestrian Town Center and Specially Adapted Areas

To facilitate soft transport, part of the town center is totally limited to pedestrian circulation, which is also privileged in the “meeting areas” throughout town, such as “30 zones” (speed limited to 30 km/h). As for major routes, of which the pavement favors large-scale traffic, 50 km/h is the limit.

These specially adapted areas are safer and less expensive than the installation of barriers and speed bumps, which only temporarily slow traffic. For further information on meeting areas (in French only)


Bicycle riding

Blois strongly encourages bicycle transport, with 67 km of cycle-friendly routes of which over 60% are bike paths or bike lanes. More than 600 adapted and secure parking spots (racks, shelters and garages) are available throughout Blois. In addition, Agglopolys may help to finance your purchase of an electric bike, with a subvention possibly as high as 400 € (25% of maximum purchase price). Yearly rentals are also proposed. Further information on assistance for electric bike purchase (in French)

Even if your bicycle is electric, it contributes to good health. While electric bikes are frequently associated with reduced effort, in point of fact electrical assistance comes into play only once you pedal, and your moderate effort remains steady, and consequently very good for the heart, stress management and physical form in general. Last but not least, bike travel is silent and as it Involves no emission of greenhouse gases, it contributes to improved environment and life setting.

Responsible Public Transport

During renegotiation in 2013 of a public service delegation contract for mass transit, the town requested a free shuttle in the town center. Since 2017, this circuit has been covered by electric shuttle buses, and the electrification of traditional buses is presently under consideration.

More broadly, the Agglopolys-managed Azalys network features numerous lines and represents an alternative to travel by individual vehicle.

Responsible Cars

For transportation of goods or for travel long distances not covered by mass transit, cars remain necessary. With this in mind, the town and Agglopolys are fostering the development of electric or hybrid cars by allowing the intercommunal electricity distribution association of the Loir-et-Cher department (Sidelc) to install charging stations in Blois. The two collectivities currently propose ten electric or hybrid vehicles, all of them made in France. Further information on charging stations (in French)