Blois remarkable

Labeled a “Town of art and history” in 1986, Blois possesses a historical and architectural heritage that will not leave you unmoved, and it is enhanced by top-quality cultural and touristic facilities.

A 2000-year heritage  

In a town that has existed for two millennia, history is illustrated by a distinctive heritage: timber-framed houses, Renaissance mansions, an 18th-century episcopal palace, 19th-century urbanism, industrial heritage represented by the old Poulain chocolate factory and, last but not least, the Loire river heritage; the Loire valley is recognized as a world heritage site.

The royal château of Blois is the most evocative example of how, over the centuries, architecture has evolved in France. From the Middle Ages through modern times, by visiting the “estates general” room or viewing the “loges” facade and the “Gaston, Duke of Orléans” wing, you will traverse the grand epochs of French history: the counts of Blois in medieval times; the departure of Joan of Arc to deliver Orléans, the royal court of the Renaissance.

A town department dedicated to heritage

All year long, the municipal department dedicated to the label is at work striving to facilitate discovery of the Blois heritage by means of theme-based visits with commentaries by guide-lecturers, clearly identified paths, “patrimonial” signposting and publications such as “Laissez-vous conter” (let yourself be told a story).

During school trips, the department introduces children to architecture, urbanism and the heritage by means of general or theme-based visits (examples: “the Renaissance habitat”, “Blois memory”) and workshops initiating them to the secrets of the assembly of ribbed vaulting or craft techniques (stained glass windows…).

A culturally rewarding agenda

Highlighted by the “Lyres d’été” summer festival, no less than 300 events are programmed year after year in Blois and its outskirts, many of which are closely associated with the town heritage.

The European Heritage Days taking place in the 3rd weekend of September represent a yearly occasion for anyone and everyone to (re)discover the Blois heritage, at times from an unfamiliar and surprising angle.

And finally, throughout the year, numerous visits, strolls, discovery tours and other events are organized. For precise information, click the link to the French-language “agenda des sorties”. 


“Blois, de sens et d’esprit”: a beautiful on our town

The town has backed the initiative of the Toulouse-based publishing house Privat to photograph our town as it is today and to retrace its history and evolution in 200+ pages, translated in English. Available in local libraries.