Centre of the Resistance, deportation and memory

The center of the Resistance, deportation and Memory retraces the history of the Second World War and invites you to a final battle… against forgetfulness.

A new museography

On the 225 m² of its new premises, the Center presents a four-pronged permanent exhibition:

  1. hear my story: a presentation of the context in which the Resistance came into being, the local protagonists and their commitments;
  2. testify about their experience: an evocation not only of Resistance actions, but also of the risks incurred by the general population, especially Jews;
  3. what went down in history: how the events taking place in Loir-et-Cher became part of a national story;
  4. conclusion: a space for reflection and broad-mindedness: What were the values of the Resistance? What is becoming of them? This area will be a site propitious to thinking so as to better decode the world to come.

Through diversified archives and period items, at times bequeathed by deportees and resistance fighters (weapons, uniforms, photographs, etc.), the center brings back to mind the commitment, the courage and the hope of Loir-et-Cher inhabitants.

New premises

In September the site moved to the foot of the royal château, place Victor-Hugo, in the one-time premises of Expo 41, which have been renovated since their acquisition by the town of Blois. The move provides the occasion to officialize its new name and to forgo its previous designation as a museum.

Price list

2€ (temporary exhibition only), 3€ (18–25 years-old) to 5€ (25 years-old and over). Groups (10 persons minimum): 3€ per person.

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