Labels and certifications

The natural, cultural, human and technical qualities of Blois have gained recognition through several labels and certifications.

Blois, territory in the heart of the Loire valley, registered in UNESCO’s World Heritage List

For more than two millennia, the Loire valley has been the scene of harmonious development and fruitful interactions between humans and their environment. That is the analysis of UNESCO, which in 2000 had it inscribed in the World Heritage List of humanity, thereby recognizing its exceptional universal value.

Further information on the Loire Valley (in English)

Blois, town of art and history

Since 1986, Blois has been labeled  “Town of art and history”. Awarded by the French culture ministry, the title designates towns and cities having made a commitment to protect and enhance their heritage. All year long, the municipal department dedicated to the label strives to promote discovery of the Blois heritage by means of theme-based visits with commentaries by guide-lecturers, marked routes, “heritage” signposting and publications and workshops designed for children on field trips. Further information on “Villes et Pays d’art et d’histoire” (in French only)

Blois, tourist-friendly town

“Loire à velo” (Loire by bike), « Accueil vélo » (bicycle accommodations), « Tourisme et handicap » (tourism for the disabled), “Musée de France” (Museum of France), accredited (“starred”) hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, etc.: Blois offers the warmest of welcomes for tourists wishing to discover the town.

Blois, floral town

Awarded to Blois every year since 1997, the ville fleurie (floral town) label represents a commendation of Blois’ overall revegetation policies, with a maximum “four-flower” rating. Blois has also received the special prize for heritage showcasing, prize bestowed by the “historic monuments” subdivision of the French culture ministry, for its “highly creative and harmonious floral and landscaped support, in keeping with the historical context proper to the site, in accessible and free public space”.

Further information on the “Ville et Villages fleuris” label (in French only)


Blois, officially recognized as “active and sports-orientated city”

The town’s overall sports policy has been awarded the “Ville active et sportive” label by the French national council of active and sports-orientated cities, a council sponsored by the French sports ministry. This label serves as official recognition of “coherent sports-related initiatives, actions and policies and the promotion of all forms of physical activity, rendered accessible to the largest possible number of people”.

The council showed particular recognition for well-balanced educational policy, support for high-level sports and high-quality sports facilities. After having reached the “first laurel” level in 2018, the town is likely to be a candidate for the second level in 2021.

Further information on the “Ville active et sportive” label (in French only)


Blois, shortlisted for the “educational cities” label of excellence

Blois is one of the 80 territories shortlisted for the “Educational cities” label of excellence. Driven by the French state, its objective is to combat school dropout by reinforcing relevant initiatives in the most vulnerable territories. A 100-million euro budget will be dedicated to the program over a 3-year period (2020-2022). Once again, through this proactive approach, Blois is showing renewed determination to reduce inequalities.

Further information on the “Cités éducatives” label (in French only)


Blois, positive energy town for green growth

Blois and its conurbation have been among the first “positive energy territories for green growth” (TEPCV). With the label, the French state recognized the concrete actions carried out by Blois in favor of ongoing energy transition and provided a budget of 2,000,000 € to contribute to the financing of local projects in this field.

Further information on “Territoires à énergie positive pour la croissance verte” (in French only)


Blois, officially recognized “qualitown”

The municipal departments in Blois having the most contact with the public have been awarded the “Qualivilles” certification by the French agency for standardization (Afnor). The quality of the services provided, particularly with regard to the public (physical reception, telephone reception, mail management) has been officially recognized.

Further information on “Qualiville” certification (in French only)


Blois, clean town

Over recent years, Blois has received official recognition from the French association of towns for urban cleanliness (AVPU, website in French): a first star in 2016, a second star in 2018. A third and then a fourth star will be sought over the next two years.