Occasional Parking

Wishing to reinforce the attractiveness of the town center, the Town and Stationeo propose different parking formulas, tailored to your needs.

déplacements stationnement

1 Free Hour Every Day, 2 on Saturday Afternoon

The first two hours of parking are free every Saturday afternoon (2 P.M.), in underground parking lots (Château, Valin-de-la-Vaissière et Halle-aux-grains). To benefit this offer, you just need to ask a Parking Check during your shopping.

The rest of the week, the first hour is also free during the day.

Very Short-Stay Parking

Many “places minute” allow you to run a quick errand near the town’s shops. Put parking disc under your windshield and set it to the time of you leaving: it allows you to park free for twenty minutes.

Outdoor Parking Lots

Parking on the Streets

Not all parking spaces on the streets are to be paid. Blois has 1,538 spaces of paid-parking on the streets.

  • 507 spaces in red areas (2 hours max., in the heart of the city) ;
  • 1,031 spaces in green areas (8 hours max, around the heart of the city, in the Train Station and République neighborhoods).

On these spaces however, parking is free on Sundays and, from Monday to Saturday, between 12 P.M. and 2 P.M. and between 6:30 P.M. and 9 A.M.

Duration Red Area Green area
15 minutes 0,30 €
30 minutes 0,60 €
45 minutes 1 € 0,90 €
1 h 1,40 € 1,30 €
1 h 15 1,80 €
1 h 30 2,20 € 1,90 €
1 h 45 2,60 €
2 h 3 € 2,50 €
3 h Unauthorized 3,20 €
4 h Unauthorized 4 €
7 h 15 Unauthorized 4,80 €
7 days Unauthorized 12 €
1 month Unauthorized 33 €

Underground Parking

Blois has 1,118 parking spaces in three underground parking lots:

Pricing With 15-Minutes Precision

Thanks to pricing with 15-minutes precision, you pay as close as possible to your actual parking time.

  • First hour free
  • between 1 h to 4 h of parking: 30 cents every 15 minutes
  • between 4 h to 8 h of parking: 20 cents every 15 minutes
  • between 8 h to 12 h of parking: 10 cents every 15 minutes

Complete Rates

Duration Price
1 h Free
1 h 15 0,90 €
1 h 30 1,20 €
2 h 1,80 €
3 h 3 €
4 h 4,20 €
5 h 5 €
6 h 5,80 €
7 h 6,60 €
8 € 7,40 €
12 h 9 €
Lost ticket 9 €


How to Pay for Parking on the Streets

❶ Parking Meters

Near pay parking spaces, parking meters allow you to pay with your credit card or with change.

❷ Presto Park

Mobile app “Presto Park” (only available in French at this time) allows you to pay your parking from your smartphone. No need for change or ticket anymore. You can entend the duration wherever you are, or stop it before the hour is over, to pay the actual duration.

Start by downloading the free mobile app Presto Park:

Manage your account, from the app or Presto Park website, by register your email address, plate number and credit card number to bill. Your Presto Park account is then immediately operational. Note that you can register multiple cars on one account.

❸ “Piaf” (Personal Parking Meter)

Piaf is a small personal electronic parking meter, that replace your tickets. After having credited it from the website or at Stationeo offices, you start and stop the clock yourself when parking, so you can pay only the actual duration.

You can get your Piaf Device at Stationeo offices (2 avenue Gambetta). For 25 €, vous get it with that much credit. Then, reloads are possible, at 20 € or 40 €.

It’s easy to load credits on your Piaf from home, via the dedicated “Mon Piaf” website, or at Stationeo offices (2 avenue Gambetta).

Once your vehicule is parked, select the area on your Piaf. Only the actual duration of your parking will be billed.

For a very short parking, Piaf allows you to have the first 20 minutes for free, one time a day.

Disabled Parking

If you have a Disabled Parking permit, you can park for free on one of the 45 parking spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility in the city center, including in normally paid areas.

Underground parking lots also have dedicated parking spaces and pathways, accessibles by elevators: